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Treasured Teddy Bears

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do ship worldwide. Over the 25 years we have shipped one of our “Memory Bears” to nearly every country outside of the United States.

Do you have a store that I can see one of your teddy bears?

No we do not have a store front. We work out of our home workshop. We do participate in many area craft show and jured craft shows. Please see our Facebook page for dates.

Why do you call the teddy bears you make “Memory Bears”?

We call our special teddy bears “Memory Bears” because they are made from sentimental garments that our customers send to us that usually were from a loved one that has passed away, got married, is having a baby or it recalls a memory to them that rather than put the garment into a closet or storage they can have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind teddy bear sitting on their shelf or bed keeping the memories close.

Do you dress your teddy bears in outfits?

We do not dress our teddy bears in outfits. However, we do add a satin bow (of customer choice in color) around the teddy bears neck for “boy” teddy bears. If a teddy bear is a “girl” we add a small satin bow with satin rose to the teddy bears ear and a lace color with a large satin rose around the teddy bears neck. The roses are at the customer’s choice of color.

What happens to any of my sentimental garment material that you do not use to make my teddy bear?

All customer material that is not used is returned to the customer with the shipment of their teddy bear.

How many teddy bears can you make from my garment?

This would depend on the garment or material the customer sends to us.

How do you ship customer orders?

We ship via U.S. Mail-Priority, U.S.Priority Express or Federal Express. There is an additional charge for Federal Express.

Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee our work (ie: hand sewing, threads). We cannot guarantee the material we make the teddy bear from as it is the customer’s provided material.

Do you have any “ready made” teddy bears for sale?

Not at this time. We will have “Adopt a bear” teddy bears for sale through our website in the near future. All of these teddy bears will be made from vintage materials only.

If my sentiment item has buttons, badges, patches or decals, can you incorporate or add them to my teddy bear?

Yes, we will make every effort to customize our customers’ teddy bears as they request.

Is there any material you cannot make into a teddy bear?

Yes. Any material that is hand crocheted or knitted and any real bear fur (i.e.: grizzly, black bear)