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Treasured Teddy Bears

Treasured Teddy Bears is known for Preserving Fond Memories of Times Past and of Someone Very Special.

Teddy Bear Hot Line 1-800-959-B E A R (800-959-2327)

We will recycle your old fur or sentimental garment into a "Memory Bear"

(We do Not sell ready made teddy bears)

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Call us toll free at: 1-800-959-B E A R (800-959-2327)


We're very pleased that you are visiting our web site, and we appreciate your interest in our teddy bears.

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Treasured Teddy Bears has been creating teddy bears out of our customers' old furs and sentimental garments since 1991, and today one could find our "Memory Bears" in all 50 States, Canada and Europe. A "Memory Bear" can be made for you from your Mom's old fur coat, Dad's shirt, Grandpa's robe, Grandma's quilt, baby's blanket or just about any type of fur or fabric.

Our work transforms those special garments that are now hanging in the closet or have been put away in the attic into beautiful teddy bears. These "Memory Bears" are very lovable, and they help bring back fond memories of past times.

The picture of five teddy bears was made from old furs. The other picture is of three bears, one bear was made from a baby's blanket and the other two bears were made from a combination of real fur, provided by the customer (brown mink) and plush fake fur, which we provide.

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Most people are sentimental and, as such, tend to hold onto a garment or fur piece that was once worn by a special relative or friend. Usually, but not always, the garment is very old or out of style.

Regardless of what the item is or its condition, we will box, wrap, hang or somehow put these garments, with the special memories attached, away. Why do we do it? Because these items hold fond memories of a special person or a particular time in your life.

The problem is that "out of sight is out of mind" and soon these "one of a kind" garments and the good feelings that go with them are lost. Now there is a better way to keep alive those special memories, one that allows you to share times past with your children, grandchildren, other family members, friends or yourself; one that will provide you with a cherished heirloom.

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